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Benefits of specifying high performance gas filled windows:
Reduced heat loss
The lower conductivity of inert gases such as argon increase the energy efficiency of a window by reducing heat loss through the sealed unit.
Cost effective
way to improve energy performance of windows and buildings.
Reduce condensation
By reducing heat loss and keeping the inner glass pane warmer, windows that are gas filled are much less likely to develop condensation. Less condensation will lower the chance of potentially harmful mould and bacteria growth that could trigger health problems such as asthma and dermatitis.
Meet tightening Building Regulations
Ever more stringent building regulations now require greater levels of energy efficiency than ever. High quality window units that are gas filled can help achieve this through higher window energy ratings. Thermally efficient windows can also assist in meeting other voluntary building codes, which can help home buyers differentiate and make purchase decisions. E.g. the government’s Code for Sustainable Homes and Passivhaus certification.
Benefits for social housing providers
Lower energy costs for tenants can help in reducing fuel poverty, while lower levels of condensation and mould growth could improve standards of living.
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