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Why Gas Fill Insulated Glass Sealed Units?

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Why Gas Fill Insulated Glass Sealed Units?
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Both Double Glazing and Triple Glazing Units are constructed to be as gas-tight as possible to reduce the moisture and gases passing through the unit which can cause condensation, mist and and eventual failure of the glazing.

Using an inert gas (usually argon) to fill the airspace between panes of glass can increase the energy efficiency of window units due to the gases’ low conductivity. Compared to air-filled sealed window units, gas-filled units benefit from reduced conductive and convective heat transfer.

The most common gas used in sealed unit manufacture is Argon (Ar) because it is the most cost efficient gas, however, some manufacturers may opt for Krypton (Kr) or even Xenon (Xe) and gas blends. These gases possess better insulating properties than air which contributes towards achieving higher thermal efficiency.
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Window Installers strive to achieve higher thermal efficiency by opting for more energy efficient window frames and by opting for higher performance double or even triple glazing units which are gas filled and constructed using Warm Edge Technology (see the next page for more information on double and triple glazing).
Why Gas Fill Insulated Glass Sealed Units
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